Divorce, Custody, Visitation

When you face the breaking up of your family, you have far more on your mind than the legalities involved. If you don’t put some focus on the legal aspects, though, you will only draw out the process and keep yourself from being able to move onto a new chapter of your life. When you face divorce, child custody and visitation arrangements, or other legal matters, working with an attorney with experience in family court can ease the process. Robert Brownlee understands that family legal disputes are difficult, and the more efficiently and respectfully matters are handled, the easier it will be on everyone.


The divorce process in California begins with the filing of divorce papers by one individual in a marriage. Once an individual has filed, the person who did not file for divorce has thirty days to respond. After that, division of assets, alimony, and other legal decisions must be worked out. This starts with an exchange of financial documents that is a starting place to the division of assets. In many cases, mediation is the next step in this process. During mediation, you will meet with your partner to agree upon any financial and physical divisions. Mediation is often preferable to people, as the process is generally faster, prevents repeat court appearances, is less expensive, and more private. If you cannot work out an agreement with your partner during mediation, you will have to go to court and let a judge make decisions about your finances and property.

Custody and Visitation

Like divorce, custody and visitation arrangements often begin with mediation. If you can work out an arrangement with your partner regarding the custody and visitation of your children, you won’t have to let a judge do it for you. When coming up with a custody and visitation arrangement, the courts take many factors into consideration, including the suitability of each parent, parental involvement prior to the divorce or separation, and financial security. Deciding upon your own arrangement with your partner, though, is always the best solution.

Divorce and Child Custody Representation in Southern California

When you are going through a divorce, and deciding upon the custody of your child, you need an attorney with ample experience in the family law field. Based in Riverside, Robert Brownlee provides dedicated, experienced family law representation to clients in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties.